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  • Ever since Google+ came along, I noticed website authors were getting their picture displayed next to article’s they’ve written in Google searches. Not to be left out of this trend, I decided I would attempt to get my ugly-mug displayed next to all my authored content as well.

    Having carried out almost all of Google’s requirements through minor HTML modifications and verifying my Google+ account is linked to this blog, it’s finally happened!

    Author information in search results

    You may find that it can take some time for authorship information to appear in search results. I carried out all necessary steps back in January 2012. So it’s taken a good 3 months to get picked up. I am sure times will vary depending on the popularity of your site and the number of authored content it contains.

    Here are the four basic things I did to get my mug-shot in Google’s search results:

    1. Make sure your Google+ profile has a recognisable headshot photo of high quality.
    2. Link your site to your Google+ account by adding a badge.
    3. Verify your Google+ account with an email address containing your domain address.
    4. Add a link to your site in the “Contributor” box in your Google+ profile.