Hi! I'm Surinder!
A .NET Developer based in Oxford
delivering CMS and custom build solutions to
a wide variety of high profile clients.

My programming language of choice is C# and passionate in building interesting large scale web applications. With around 10 years experience in the industry, I am just as passionate about coding as I was from the very first console app I created many moons ago that read out: "Hello World!".

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Latest Blog Posts

  • Dealing With Broken Images In ASP.NET

    Regardless of any site you have worked on, there is always a potential problem of a page rendering broken images. This is more likely to happen when images are served from external sources or through content management platforms.The only way I found a way to deal with this is to provide a fallback alternative if the image to be served cannot be found.

  • Year In Review - 2018

    At the end of 2017, I made a new years resolution: make more of an active effort to blog. Not only within my own website, but to also do a little writing elsewhere to try something a little different. Generally, I fail to stick by my resolutions, this year was different and I have to give myself a pat on the back for the amount of posts I managed to crank out over the year.

  • Using Cloudflare With Kentico - Purging Cached Media Files

    I have been integrating Cloudflare into my Kentico site and implemented a way to purge the cache of files stored within the media library when updated. Purging the file cache will cause Cloudflare to serve a new version of the file.

  • Cloudflare API - Purge Files By URL In C#

    Earlier this week I wrote about the reasons to why I decided to use Cloudflare for my website. I've been working on utilising Cloudflare's API to purge the cache on demand for when files need to be updated within the CDN. I developed a C# method that will cater for the majority of day-to-day use cases.

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