Hi! I'm Surinder!
A .NET Developer based in Oxford
delivering CMS and custom build solutions to
a wide variety of high profile clients.

My programming language of choice is C# and passionate in building interesting large scale web applications. With around 10 years experience in the industry, I am just as passionate about coding as I was from the very first console app I created many moons ago that read out: "Hello World!".

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Latest Blog Posts

  • Lazyload and Responsively Serve External Images In GatsbyJs

    When loading images from an external source, I decided to develop a custom component that gives the flexibilty to lazyload and responsively resize an image based on specific viewport widths. A different approach to what Gatsby Image offers - fluid or fixed.

  • Journey To GatsbyJS: Beta Site Release v2

    It’s taken me a little longer to make more progress since my last release. This release has been filled with refactoring, blog post filtering, performance tests and reducing build times.

  • Journey To GatsbyJS: Beta Site Release v1

    I am surprised at just how much progress I have made in replicating my site using the GatsbyJS framework. I have roughly spent around 10-12 days (not full days) getting up to speed on everything GatsbyJS and transitioning what I have learnt over to the GatsbyJS version of my site.

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