Hi! I'm Surinder!
A .NET Developer based in Oxford
delivering CMS and custom build solutions to
a wide variety of high profile clients.

My programming language of choice is C# and passionate in building interesting large scale web applications. With around 10 years experience in the industry, I am just as passionate about coding as I was from the very first console app I created many moons ago that read out: "Hello World!".

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Latest Blog Posts

  • Azure Function: 404 Page Checker

    Creating an Azure Function that will check a site for broken pages on a scheduled basis. If any broken links are found, a report will be sent using SendGrid.

  • Hubspot CMS for Marketers Certified

    Since around September last year I've been involved in a lot of Hubspot projects at my place of work and decided to take the Hubspot CMS for Marketers certification, which I'm happy to report I passed.

  • UniFi: Restrict Network Device Access On A Guest Network

    It is time to make good use of UniFi’s Guest Control settings and prevent access to some of my internal network devices. UniFi does a lot of the grunt work out the box and is pretty effortless to restrict access to my Synology and IP Security Camera.

  • UniFi: Unable To Access Synology On Local Network

    Investing in an UniFi Dream Machine has been worth every penny for its reliability, security and rock-solid connection. The only area that I did encounter problems was accessing my Synology locally, which was due to a term I hadn't heard of before until now - Broken Hairpin NAT.

  • Time Is The School In Which We Learn

    Ever since the pandemic hit, time has become an enemy as each day just passes by with nothing to show for it - primarily due to lockdown restrictions. I decided to use this time to focus on increasing my learning capacity, so there is something tangible to prove my worth over this period to look back on. In this post, I write about the areas in my life that give me the ability to hone my skillset and the process involved.