Hi! I'm Surinder!
A .NET Developer based in Oxford
delivering CMS and custom build solutions to
a wide variety of high profile clients.

My programming language of choice is C# and passionate in building interesting large scale web applications. With around 10 years experience in the industry, I am just as passionate about coding as I was from the very first console app I created many moons ago that read out: "Hello World!".

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Latest Blog Posts

  • Responsive Images In ASP.NET: Converting Image Tag To Picture Tag

    A picture tag allows us to serve different sized images based on different viewport breakpoints or pixel-ratios, resulting in better page load performance. Wouldn't it be great if all image tags could be converted to a picture tag within HTML content? Well here is a possible solution...

  • ASP.NET Developers Who Use Eval()... Evaluate Yourself!

    Ever since I started learning ASP.NET those many years ago, I've never been a fan of using "Eval" in databinding controls I primarily use, such as GridViews, Repeaters and DataList. I write pros and (mostly) cons to using our evil friend Eval.

  • Duplicate Content: The Impact of Canonical URLs

    Two weeks ago I added canonical tagging across my site, as I was intrigued to see if there would be any considerable change towards how Google crawls my site. Would it make my site easier to crawl and aid Google in understanding the page structure?

  • Switch Branches In TortoiseGit

    One of the things I love about TortoiseGit, is the ability to switch between branches against one working directory in a matter of a few clicks. In this post, Idiscuss how to do this.

  • Dealing With Broken Images In ASP.NET

    Regardless of any site you have worked on, there is always a potential problem of a page rendering broken images. This is more likely to happen when images are served from external sources or through content management platforms.The only way I found a way to deal with this is to provide a fallback alternative if the image to be served cannot be found.

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