Hi! I'm Surinder!
A .NET Developer based in Oxford
delivering CMS and custom build solutions to
a wide variety of high profile clients.

My programming language of choice is C# and passionate in building interesting large scale web applications. With around 10 years experience in the industry, I am just as passionate about coding as I was from the very first console app I created many moons ago that read out: "Hello World!".

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Latest Blog Posts

  • Thoughts On Moving To A Headless CMS

    Should I be making the move to a Headless CMS? It’s something I’ve been thinking for quite some time, but I have some thoughts and concerns that has stopped me from making the transition.

  • Maldives and Vilamendhoo Island Resort

    At Vilamendhoo Island Resort you are surrounded by serene beauty wherever you look. Judging by the serendipitous chain of events where the stars aligned, going to the Maldives has been a long time in the coming - I just didn’t know it.

  • Writers Block and The Difficulties of Blogging

    There are times when what I want to express does not form into words, which is very much unlike me if I look back at my journey through blogging. I'm noticing more so than ever that writers block is becominga regular occurrence resulting in a lack the energy to write my thoughts on subjects of interest.

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