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  • Moving blogAfter blogging under the “” domain name for around 4 years, I think its time for a new chapter in my online presence. Last Friday I decided to buy a new domain name called At the time “” domain seemed like a great idea where me and my fellow techy University friends would contribute. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out and decided to go it alone.

    From looking at the number of blog posts I have written (95 at the time of writing), you would be forgiven to make the assumption that I am not the most persistent blogger. I believe the domain has a part to play. After all, “” somewhat limits what I can write and doesn’t really give me the freedom to talk about things outside my technical field.

    Even though I am a techy at heart (I guess being a web developer doesn’t help), I talk about other things non-code related through my Google+ and Twitter posts. I see having a new domain name is just the start. I am hoping to collate all my contributions from sites under the address. So everything is about…well…me!

    All exciting stuff! I am not looking forward to implementing all the redirects and having to work my way up Google’s page rank again. But its something that has to be done.

    Watch this space!

  • Whilst carrying out some tests on my blog after upgrading my blog platform from BlogEngine 1.6 to 2.0, I noticed an error occurring when a comment was in process of getting submitted. The error that cropped up was: “There was an error in callback”. The strange thing about this error was that it only occurred for Internet Explorer users. In other mainstream browsers (I do not class Internet Explorer as a mainstream), my comments were successfully submitted.

    There Was Error In Callback

    As it turns out, the issue was due to one of my BlogEngine extensions. When I disabled the “Recaptcha” extension all worked as expected. I still need to investigate what is causing the “Recaptcha” extension to error since this is one of the most important extensions to void all spammers out there.

    Recaptcha Extension

    So if you are also experiencing a similar error, disabling the Recaptcha extension may help.

    I will post further updates if I manage to get the commenting system working using Recaptcha. But since BlogEngine is now supporting the Disqus commenting platform, I may decide to make the move.