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I’ve been working on a .NET library to retrieve all images from a users Twitpic account. I thought it would be quite a useful .NET library to have since there have been some users requesting one (including me) on some websites and forums.

I will note that this is NOT a completely functioning Twitpic library that makes use of all API requests that have been listed on Twitpic’s developer site. Currently, the library only contains core integration on returning information of a specified user (users/show), enough to create a nice picture gallery.

My Twitpic .NET library will return the following information:

  • ID
  • Twitter ID
  • Location
  • Website
  • Biography
  • Avatar URL
  • Image Timestamp
  • Photo Count
  • Images

Code Example:

private void PopulateGallery()
    var hasMoreRecords = false;

    //Twitpic.Get(<username>, <page-number>)
    TwitpicUser tu = Twitpic.Get("sbhomra", 1);

    if (tu != null)
        if (tu.PhotoCount > 20)
            hasMoreRecords = true;

        if (tu.Images != null && tu.Images.Count > 0)
            //Bind Images to Repeater
            TwitPicImages.DataSource = tu.Images;
            TwitPicImages.Visible = false;
        TwitPicImages.Visible = false;

From using the code above as a basis, I managed to create a simple Photo Gallery of my own: /Photos.aspx

If you experience any errors or issues, please leave a comment.

Download: iSurinder.TwitPic.zip (5.15 kb)

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