Posts written in March 2020.

  • Yesterday, I was frantically trying to debug why some documents weren’t getting returned when using the DocumentHelper.GetDocuments() method. Normally when this happens, I need delve deeper to see what SQL Kentico is generating via the API in order to get a little more information on where the querying could be going wrong. To do this, I perform a little “hacky” approach (purely for debugging) whereby I break the SQL within the API by insert a random character within the OrderBy or Where condition parameters.

    Voila! The can see the SQL in the error page.

    But it was only yesterday where I was shown a much more elegant solution by simply adding a GetFullQueryText() to your GetDocuments(), which then returns the SQL with all the parameters populated for you:

    string debugQuery = DocumentHelper.GetDocuments()
                                      .Path("/", PathTypeEnum.Children)
                                      .OrderBy("NodeLevel ASC", "NodeOrder ASC")

    I can’t believe I did not know this after so many years working on Kentico! How embarrassing...