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microsoft_vista-logo Since the middle of 2008 we have seen that quite a few business have been hard hit by the recession we are currently experiencing. Things are set to get worse in 2009. Who would have thought that out of all the businesses in the world that the Microsoft monopoly would somehow be effected. I was quite surprised to read speculation across the web that for the first time ever in Microsoft's 33 year history,  15,000 of its employees across US and overseas divisions could be laid off and 3,000 UK employees face an uncertain future.

Well I suppose this was bound to happen sooner or later since retail spending has been reduced and consumers are opting for open source operating systems such as Linux. You cannot beat getting something for free! Microsoft operating system, corporate and office licences could also suffer a hit due to businesses scaling down costs. Maybe if Microsoft stopped releasing crap bug filled software (like Windows Vista) they could have reduced their costs.

Many companies are not even touching Windows Vista with a barge pole, due to the performance hungry features and poor reception. Generally, companies normally delay upgrading their operating systems, since they need to justify the impact on the business and of course costing's. There have been reports that Vista is installed on considerably fewer enterprise PCs than originally projected. Oop's, I went off on a bit of a tangent. Window's Vista really annoys me!!!

Anyway, if Microsoft do go ahead with the redundancies, internetnews.com states that under performing areas, such as Entertainment and Devices Division and the Online Business Division will face the most brutal cuts.

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